Friday, October 3, 2008

Reaching Higher?

The title of our women's conference "Reaching Higher: Experiencing Life at the Next Level" has led me to question some troubling things I'm seeing in women's ministries. Mainly that the chief end of the speakers sounds dangerously close to a Joel Olsteen book. "Divine Secrets for a Victorious Attitude"? Teaching people to have "satisfying relationships" or "Maximizing the divine potential of every human being"? Book after book on "Enriching" your life with Christ thrown in there somewhere as someone to help you in your journey of self-discovery. It grieves me not only to see that this is what our conference speakers believe but that this is what we're feeding these women who are coming and bringing their non-believing friends. The christian life is not one of self-esteem, it's one of self-forgetfulness in light of the glory of God. But unless we realize our sin and the fact that we can't redeem ourselves ( even with these author's 5 easy steps) we can't receive mercy. So I'm praying that people will come to a closer relationship with Christ and his wonderful saving grace despite this conference. That instead of trying in some existential way to experience life at the next level they'll fall to their knees in humble adoration of God's holiness. Because while having a nice conference experience can't save you; the gospel can. (the speakers, should you desire to look into them yourself are: Michelle Mckinney Hammond, Gary Smalley, Erwin & Kim McManus, Valorie Burton, & Shannon Ethridge)

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Craig Sturm said...

I love how you think Kelsey. Keep up the discerning ear and God-entranced heart.