Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why is it that so many of my Christian friends are always so moody? Of all people we should have the most steady emotional center! Praise God that Christ stays the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Rosalie Carlson said...


I'll admit it-I'm definitely one of those moody friends!
I'm glad God doesn't ever change.

But is moodiness always wrong? Does it just mean that the individual is more emotional than others? And I think God has simply wired some people to feel things more deeply. Hmm.
Or, what can be classified as moodiness and what can be classified as sin? haha I'm just rambling now.
I liked this post.

Tallsailor said...

It's hard, because I think we see our lives and reality in such vivid colors of love and conflict. I also think that our emotions can be less repressed under the grace of our savior then they can be when we're "just coping". So we're witnessing glory in new ways, and also staring our own dirty fallenness in the face. Hopefully this is something more particular to young christians, not the 60+ year olds that we look up to for their unshakable faith and hope. It's certainly a constant struggle for me to choose to be at peace, rather then agitated about my failings and impatient for big changes.