Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Stolen" from 22 Words...

22 English words that still exist almost entirely because of hymns and the King James Bible
1. Verily
2. Buffet
3. Diadem
4. Beseech
5. Balm
6. Ebenezer
7. Hark!
8. Begotten
9. Hither
10. Admonish
11. Gird
12. Want (as in “lack”)
13. Hallowed
14. Firmament
15. Brethren
16. Bulwark
17. Countenance
18. Quickening
19. Adjure
20. Brimstone
21. Surety
22. Goad
This encourages me to use them all more regularly in my vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

I love it when unexpected visitors find themselves lost in the Trenternet. I will get to your question in due time...hopefully much much sooner than those knives....


Stephen said...

For some reason, all of those words are so much cooler than modern words. I think English used to be a much more expressive and romantic language. (like Shakespeare)

Kelsey Sturm said...

No worries,"feedtheducks". I anxiously await seeing the answer to my dilemma. BTW, my brothers thank you for the knives. And there's been no bloodshed yet, so my mother also thanks you.

And yes Stephen, I do verily admonish thee to gird up thy vocabulary with the likes of "ebenezer" and "bulwark"; lest the buffetings of urban slang further remove us from the quickening beauty of well-nigh forgotten words.