Monday, April 20, 2009

A curious day, indeed.

As I registered for classes this fall today, it occurred to me: I'M MOVING OUT OF THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE SUMMER. Not like this hasn't crossed my mind before, but it struck me afresh. I'm finally done with high school. At 17, I'm going to be living in a foreign country at least 6 hours away from my family, or anyone I've known for any real period of time. Would I have guessed this time last year that this would be my plan? That I would ditch my ideas of a Biology major for something so peculiar as English Lit.? The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I'm sure glad He knows what He's doing.

Today was quite eventful: We spent the morning trying first to run cardstock through our finicky copy machine, then trying to remove said cardstock from the machine, then trying vainly to find the screwdriver head that got dropped somewhere in the machine while vainly trying to find/remove the jammed paper. As of right now, both the head and the paper are somewhere in the machine, and several hours of trying to find them proved frustratingly fruitless.

Meanwhile, a disheveled-looking young man walked slowly by on main street; hesitated for a moment, debating inwardly, then strode in the door, a well-worn briefcase in hand. In a thick, foreign accent, he told us that he had just been released by the police, hadn't eaten all day, and needed to get to Winnepeg. (Jenni and I, who till this unusual entrance, have been completely engrossed with our seperate tasks, look at each other with the same "So, what do we do now?" look on our faces.) My dad joins us and while Jenni runs out to the grocery store for some food, takes Sebastian (which we later learned was his name) back to his office so more of his story can be discerned. The details are a bit sketchy, but we confirmed enough of his story with the RCMP that we decided it was legitimate. Besides, if you were scamming someone, why would the first words out of your mouth have to do with how you've recently been arrested?

Sebastian is from Holland, come over to work with ex-convicts. Ironically enough, he ended up getting involved somehow with a stolen car (or so we were told) and got arrested with a couple other guys. He was held in Edmonton for 3 weeks, then sent to the court building here in town. Apparently he was cleared of all charges and told he could leave, but being unfamiliar with the area, having no money, car, ect., he decided to walk around to determine his next course of action. (which is how he found us...a church on main street.) We fed him, gave him some money for dinner and got him a room at a local hotel for the night.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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