Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new friend...

I love plants. Part of it might be some minorly obsessive need to nurture something, a desire to have something that depends on me. Needless to say, when the border patrol decided to confiscate the harmless, healthy plants that have been my companions this last year at school, I was rather upset. I may have cried (I will neither confirm, nor deny that). So after settling in, we set out to go find me a mattress. As Ikea runs typically go, we found something else we couldn't live without: this lovely Phalaenopsis orchid. Since living in the Philippines and having them grow free on trees in the yard, I've wanted to learn to care for orchids. Now I can give it my relatively undivided attention. As plants, they're exceedingly intricate and elegant, yet remarkably simple to care for. It'll be nice to have something so dainty and feminine to remind me of living with 27 other girls, now that I'm back in my testosterone-filled home. 

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