Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Every day, our lives are full of events, yet when you go to have a conversation, it goes something like this:


How are you?
Good, how about you?

The conversation tends to go one of a few directions from there; usually just further exchange of pleasantries or if you're one of those smart people, witty bantering. There's always the "No really, how ARE you" conversations, but those seem only to happen among close friends (who actually care) or people who are really bored. (who just want to know because it's "interesting". About as interesting as whatever's on TV....if your life isn't juicy enough, they tune you out after a few sentences and start making non-committal responses.) Or my personal favorite, the ones where some completely random topic comes up and is discussed at length along with some "No really, how are you" and accompanied with a warm beverage. (and preferably a cat-on-lap)

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