Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago...

A recent facebook update just informed me that several of my friends signed a petition to keep the famous Sears Tower just that; or rather to prevent it from being officially titled the "Willis Tower". ( I've lived near Chicago for 10 years of my life. (which at this point still doesn't mean too much...) It just got me thinking about all the things I associate with Chicago: Visiting the Science & Industry museum...Seeing "Sue" at the Field Museum...Wrigley Field, that diner where the waitresses dance on the tables and serve super small ice-cream sundaes (the name is something like "Eds"), boating on Lake Michigan, being grossed out by dead fish and freezing cold green-grey water while swimming in it. I remember visiting inner-city churches that had amazing gospel choirs and were quite different from my suburban E.-Free church (where I first met David and Sally Michael) ; Navy Pier, that big fountain...(it has a name...) Lincoln Park Zoo ( though Brookfield Zoo was WAY cooler. They had more animals...)
I used to think that I left a part of my heart behind whenever I moved, but now I realize that's not really true. It seems rather the opposite: everywhere I go has a place in my heart, and just when I think there's not possibly any more space, I move again or visit somewhere new and find to my delight that I was wrong. God has been gracious.

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