Thursday, March 5, 2009

Practical Theology

"O how relevant and practical are the doctrines of God's sovereignty for our daily lives! If we did not would we apply our wills and our assiduous efforts towards holiness and ministry without becoming self-reliant, self-exalting moralists?" -John Piper
Something I found particularly relevant as I begin my work as a ministry assistant (and in general!) Other things I've learned this week:
-if you change the paper in the copier ALWAYS remember to remove it! (lest your worship team be practicing with brightly coloured music...)
-despite what your parents remember from their college days, boiling water in a coffee pot is not a great idea.


Stephen said...

Good quote, God's Sovereignty is a wonderful truth that should guide our lives everyday!
If I were the worship team, I would thank you for switching up the monotony of white paper, color is sooo much better.

Kelsey Sturm said...

Well, this week it was only a white/beige difference...but I'm sure it'll happen again. =)