Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lord gives...the Lord takes away

Yesterday afternoon, a someone stopped by looking for a copy of the church's annual meeting. "No problem", I thought. There had been nearly 30 copies of it lying around the office. (had been being the key phrase...) Apparently when I recycled the extras a couple weeks ago, I neglected to notice the copy in my filing cabinet was missing. So I left my desk to go check in a different cabinet; no luck. So after apologizing and kicking myself internally, I sat back down at the computer to work. Strange...I had been working on a Word document, but it's not open anymore..."Did I save any of the work I've done since lunch?" (Covers face with hands) 2 hours of tedious formatting work, gone.
On the bright side, making lots of stupid mistakes right before I leave this job will make it easier for someone else to fill the position and look really good doing it.

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