Friday, September 18, 2009

Volleyball, Pride and Prejudice, and Internet Woes

With a title like that, who needs explanation? ;)

Topic 1:
Our Ambrose Lions (women's volleyball) started their season by losing to St. Mary, despite an amazing show of team spirit from the stands.
Topic 2: Tragically, nearly half my floor had never seen Pride and Prejudice, so we decided to promptly remedy the situation. Since most of them haven't read it either, we decided to start with the newer, more brief version. So it plays in the background as I write. "Mr. Darcy..."
Topic 3: Have I complained to you recently about the poor signal strength and downloading capacity of the internet here? Today, I can't even load my gmail. Yesterday, I washed, dried, and put away my dishes before I was able to load one webpage. And as I sit and whine about the "troubles" in my life, I'm reminded of living in Cebu, visiting China, surrounded by such extreme poverty. How shallow and silly my problems seem when compared to real need.

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