Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Desiring wisdom and discernment? Walk the Way.

"Whoever is wise, let him understand these things;
whoever is discerning, let him know them;
for the ways of the Lord are right,
and the upright walk in them,
but transgressors stumble in them." -Hosea 14:9

What a great passage to end your devotions with! In a major where I do significant amounts of reading, reading the Bible never ceases to amaze me. The writing is clearly as inspired as it is varied in style; from love poems to historical records and laws to letters of admonishment it flows with the common thread of the Gospel. So many authors, so much time spanned in its writing, yet such unity of mind! Not to mention the role of the Holy Spirit...so often in reading is there a word in season. How many times have you seemed to just turn to a particularly convicting passage at the very time you needed it? (I highly doubt I'm the only person that happens to.)
To relate the passage above to my numerous midterms this week/next week...a common prayer theme this week has been asking God for wisdom and understanding. We need to remember that the knowledge we're trying to cram into our minds is meaningless compared to the greatness of knowing God and walking in His ways. Thank God for study groups who pray together and admonish one another in truth!


Craig Sturm said...

Praise God for his work in your heart and mind. May the Word become flesh continue to capture your heart and flame a passion in your soul.

Stephen said...

Well said!