Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Interview, Bad Recordings of Beautiful Music and Cold Feet (but not in that order)

Frostbite is an experience which will always remind me of Canada. Until moving here last year, I had managed never to get it, despite Minnesota's notorious winters. Honestly, I still haven't gotten it ( the nasty black, necrotic flesh sort) merely its precursor, the aptly named "frost nip". Curiously enough, it's something that once you've gotten it, seems to happen quite frequently and get progressively worse. Last night, I not only frost-nipped (?) my phalanges, but it moved up to the base of the metatarsals. Perhaps someday, I can aspire to this. (WARNING: these pictures are quite gross. Hence why I posted them...)

For those of you who will not be able to come to my choir concert, I will try to at least share the beauty of some of the pieces we're doing. Some of the sound quality is bad, but it's hard to find these pieces period, let alone a good recording of them...
For the Beauty of the Earth
Soon-Ah Will Be Done
Precious Lord
O Lux Beatissima (sound is particularly bad, but the choir isn't)
A Clare Benediction
O Magnum Mysterium
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent (Sorry, the solos great)

And to finally get to the first part of my title, I hopefully have an interview on Monday regarding possible work on campus; pray for me. We'll see how she goes...

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Stephen said...

Yay work! I'll pray. I know exactly what you mean when you say that it gets easier to get frostbite after you've gotten it.