Sunday, November 29, 2009

I was silly enough to mention the word "accident" on my facebook, so here's the explanation:
We headed out early on Friday evening to do some errands and go swing dancing. There had been a drizzly sort of snow that afternoon, but the temperature has been unusually warm, so we didn't worry too much about the roads (famous last words).  The sudden temperature drop we got that evening caused snow to melt, then freeze, resulting essentially in solid black ice all over Calgary.

Noticing this, we had gotten of the bus to catch some dinner, hoping traffic would improve. While walking to the bus stop, we saw a car blocking the middle of a 4-lane road. Traffic was moving so slow, we walked (or tried is slippery when you're wearing Converse) over to the car to see if we could help. There, we met a lovely, handicapped old lady who was spinning out every time she tried to move. Being the only licensed driver in the group, and realizing that I couldn't do any better behind the wheel than she was, we decided to push her out of the far left lane into the right lane. Of course she'd be better off there!

There had been an accident right before we pushed her car over; for the moment, we couldn't make it to the next intersection without hitting any cars in front of us. We decided to wait. Further investigation of the car revealed that the best option was to call someone to take our dear old lady home and pick up the car later. The police were called (and her son). All that remained was to wait for them to come, so a friend and I decided we would stay and everyone else headed back to the residence. We learned that she had just come from helping her husband in a long term care facility ( he's had Alzheimer's for several years). So as we sat, making light conversation and trying to calm her nerves, we got sideswiped by an out of control SUV (that hit another car in front of us) then rear ended by another car.

After making sure everyone was alright, we went around and exchanged insurance information with the other drivers. Amazingly enough, (and yes, this is clearly God working) not only was no one hurt, there was no visible damage to the car we were in. The police were called again, this time to report an accident. Since we knew we really needed to stay put, we decided the car would be safer on the sidewalk and moved it accordingly (now the rear bumper is perpendicular to the curb). What could possibly happen to us while we're on the sidewalk? Well...the guy who rear ended us actually ended up getting rear ended himself (twice), so now the side of his car was actually on our rear bumper. After every new hit, we reexamined the car and exchanged insurance information with the new drivers. It was almost comical.

So how does this story end?  Well, I don't really know. For me, it ended when the lady's son arrived and I walked back to the residence to find my friends had arranged not only food and warm beverages, but a game night to make up for the loss of dancing.  But I trust that the God who not only kept us safe but kept the car intact, was in control that night, and that it ended in a way that glorifies Him.


Matthew Pope said...

So I shouldn't vaguely mention the fire in res this morning? ;)

Kelsey Sturm said...

And notice: your mother was quick to question the "fire" once you made your status about it. Casually mentioning semi-dangerous words is a great way to give your parents gray hairs. ;)