Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweet irony.

Those of you from Ambrose who follow this have, no doubt, already heard this story. Feel free to tune out. For the rest of you, here's my story:
Desiring to deck the dorm with fresh greenery, a few friends and I went out to the Ambrose woods last Sunday. Returning to my room, we had fabulous walnut hot cocoa and made wreaths while Katie dramatically told us politically correct fairy tales; it was a splendid afternoon. It occurred to me that my floor was covered with pine needles and other twigs and greenery. While I wouldn't really mind having such debris on the carpet, I decided for the sake of peace between roommates, I ought to go on a quest to find the res. vacuum.
Discover the vacuum I did, and I proceeded to attempt to use it. (now this vacuum is used by all 3 floors, guys & girls, and is ALWAYS clogged. Always. ) Today was no exception. I was in the act of muttering some curse on the vacuum and it's inability to draw up any sediment when it ate up my phone cord and broke it in two, as if to say, "You think I can't suck? Suck this" (yes, that vacuum is sadistic). The best part, of course, is the fact that after I removed my cord from the vacuum, it refused to work.  Hence the title. The picture is just cool. Who doesn't need a USB vacuum?

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Kelsey Sturm said...

From Anne Zhu:
"You're right, that picture is pretty awesome. :) I want a new USB stick. The cord seems fragile, though. :\
Too bad about the phone though. Perhaps you'd be better off getting a cell phone? A lot of a...dvisors are saying that cells are cheaper than shared landlines now.
I'd really love to hear some of those "politically correct fairy tales". They sound hilarious."