Saturday, May 1, 2010

John Mayer, you are making me melancholy.

The fact of the matter is, I miss Julian Hall. I miss being known. Being able to do dishes and see friends, always having shoulders to cry on and women who love me right down the hall. I miss the accountability of my small group; I miss the laughter and the tears. Pathetically enough, I even miss going to class and studying with people.
  But enough whining. Perhaps I'm just feeling off because I'm having to fix a jock strap and I'm listening to John Mayer. ;) 


Courtney said...

I felt this same way after insight ended. It's so so so hard. but as trite as it sounds...God is still good. Just keep telling yourself that girl! :)

Kelsey Sturm said...

Thanks Courtney. It's so true! =)

Ashley said...

Miss you and Luv you Kelsey!